mark luther
I've been a client of Nexus sober house for over 2 years. Since entering their program the staff and fellow clients are like family to me. If you are are in need of assistance no matter what your addiction I would highly recommend them to anyone!
Scott Liff
This place is like magic!!!! The residents and the staff are terrific. This place actually cares about you and they go the extra yard to help you. I’m truly impressed with Dom Diaz, he takes such pride in maintaining this place and he really takes cares.
Diandra Shafer
Sal is a wonderful man having a lot of passion for what he does for people in recovery. If I could rank higher than 5 stars I would!
Geoff Shea
Life has many challenges. We don't like everybody. We should however, love and respect each other. That is what I found at Nexus house. The men are all in this together and help each other to succeed. I was taught that, "More will be revealed" and more has been revealed to me because of my "new" life.
Janine Giardino
My recovery process started here at NEXUS HOUSE. I have found a new freedom and the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous residing at Nexus House. Through and together with their support and ongoing guidance I have maintained a year and a half sobriety. If your serious about living a better life I can't express enough of my gratitude to this house. Truly Janine
Dorra Korrada
This Sober House is effective, because it handles each person who attends individually and respectfully. Everyone there is given a legitimate chance at being successful!